iPad v PC: Volume 1

Vidit Bhargava
Last week Apple announced the iPad Pro 9.7″ and one of the things they argued was that a lot of PC users would want to shift to the iPad. To be honest, it’s high time. The iPad is a much better device at doing a lot of things. There are things, where a PC is just an overkill, but I don’t think it’s being told to the desktop users that often.

When they had the PC comparison on stage, I was hoping they’d revive the “I’m a Mac v I’m a PC” campaign for the iPad, but it doesn’t look like they’re doing that anytime soon, So I’ve come up with a comic series to highlight the points where the iPad is significantly faster and easier to use than your traditional PCs.


P.S. This isn’t to demean the Personal Computer in any way. Just for fun.