Not just pretty pictures

The Designed by Apple in California book, widely known to be a series of images of apple’s greatest products, Isn’t just about pretty images.

It’s a pretty handy book that gives some interesting insight into the manufacturing processes involved in the making of these products. the descriptions of the processes aren’t in the main book itself, but in a small handbook that comes along with the book, explaining details about the making of products corresponding to the page number. The handbook also has a glossary of manufacturing processes and polymers used in the making of these products.

This is something that’s quite handy for manufacturing processes or product design students. The value of this coffee table book is best understood when looked at it as something connoisseurs of good design would like to read and understand the design behind these products. The handbook is basically your manufacturing processes and polymers 101 course book. A handy introduction (also one that’s infinitely more interesting than the books I read to study these courses at a university).

So it’s not just pretty pictures after all. Is it still worth the price for which it comes? Only if you like to appreciate good design and have a curiosity towards how they were made.