Person of the Year: Nick Woodman


At a time where the world is moviing towards mobile camera photography, It comes as a surprise that GoPro’s standalone professional video cameras helped it file the most successful tech IPO in the last 20 years. This year, the 12 year old startup, went more social with its videos.

They started their own little platform to share some amazing videos shot by the GoPro camera. They really are brilliant! Watch what happens when a Lion grabs a GoPro in his mouth, or when a dirt biker travels
through some of the most dangerous paths in the Himalyas, or simply the breathtaking shots of an active volcano. Also GoPro introduced a 4K recorder this year. Another reason to rejoice for Pro videographers.

GoPro’s success can be largely attributed to one man, Nick Woodman. The founder and CEO of GoPro. The idea of GoPro came to Woodman when he was surfing in Australia. where he saw that Amateur photographers like woodman himself had a tough time finding quality professional equipment at affordable rates. The original cameras were just point-and-shoot 35mm film cameras.

Of the 11 Million devices that GoPro’s sold so far, about 2.8 million were sold in 2014. That combined with a fairly successful media upstart, makes every reason for Nick Woodman to be in the limelight this year and his vision of affordable Pro cameras is something to be highly reverred. It’s only a beginning of something big and the CEO has lots of work to do but It’s the strongest beginning we’ve seen so far. Woodman is undoubtedly the Person of the Year.

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