Pixel Quiz August 2014

Vidit Bhargava
Q1. X is a successful kickstarter campaign for a piece of hardware developed by Eric Migicovsky, the earlier prototypes of which were meant to work with Blackberry Handsets only. What is X?

Q2. One of Hartmut Esslinger’s first design was a green colored television set. This eventually became the inspiration behind the name of a famous industrial design company, known to design many consumer electronics. Name the design firm.

Q3. X is a weekly show hosted by an English comedian Y who also appeared in the Simpsons as Wilkes John Booth and was the voice of the character “Vanity Smurf” in The Smurfs series. X is an internet sensation these days. Who is Y, and What is X?

Q4. Founded by Phil Haus & Or Arbel, X is a popular social messaging platform which received $1.2Million in funding recently. X also became an “automation” hit after it’s integration with IFTTT. What is X?

Q5. Internally codenamed as “Sirah” , Names like Weed & Rancho Cucamonga were also considered for it. What am I talking about?

Q6. The idea of this came to John Romero under the influence of Super Mario. The similarities are easily noticeable, such as the secret levels etc. What am I talking?

Q7. Which popular technology did the Roke Manor Research Limited develop?

Q8. Lou Gehrig’s disease is characterized by rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle wasting. How would you associate the Lou Gehrig’s Disease to the world of internet campaigns?

Q9. Which brand of Bosch, started with the name that means or is “Ideal”?

Q10. Jerrold Manock, Dean Hovey, David Kelley and Steve Jobs collectively hold the patent for which famous commodity in the
world of technology?

The Quiz was first published in mvdit tech book august 2014 edition. Read the entire eZine here