Pixel Quiz: December 2015


Vidit Bhargava

Q1. Neverending was an online, massively
multiplayer game that didn’t have an endpoint
and had no real objectives, but it was
the conceptualising point for X, because the
founder needed an anciliary project to keep
paying his employees. X turned out to be a
big internet service in the 2000s. What is X?

Q2. X is a 1989 classic video game developed
by Jordan Mechner. The video game is immensely
popular, and was even adapted into
a movie. A reboot to X is scheduled sometime
soon, by Ubisoft. What is X?

Q3. The Radio Act of 1912 is a United States
federal law that required all seafaring vessels
to maintain 24-hour radio watch and keep in
contact with nearby ships and coastal radio
stations. Factors that led to this included an
ongoing conflict between amateur radio
operators and the U.S. Navy and private corporations,
that included the amateurs forging
naval messages and issuing fake distress
calls. What was the main impetus for this

Q4. You might recall X as the guy who gave
the famous Vista copies OSX presentation
at a former WWDC. However, X has been
hidden from the limelight for a long time.
Sometime back, X came up with an innovative
Cloud Service Offering (still in Beta) Y. Y
calls itself a Cloud Computer that combines
the power of a smartphone with the storage
of the cloud. Who is X and Name the upcoming
Service Y.

Q5. Karthik Balakrishnan is a 22 year old
Engineering Student at VIT Vellore. His work,
X has been in news throughout the year. X
is essentially a “one button” website for a
specific reason. Balakrishnan’s twitter profile
links to two of his popular works, X & chennaiRains.
org. What is X?

Q6. At the age of 19, Sam Altman cofounded
Loopt, a location based Social Network. In
2014, he became the President of Y-Combinator.
This year, Altman along with X started
a new non-profit research company Y. What
is Y and Who is X?