Pixel Quiz: December 2017

Q1. “During those bubble years while the stock price was going up 30 per
cent a month, we would have all-hands meetings, and I would ask employees,
‘Please do not feel 30 per cent smarter because the stock went up 30 per
cent, because when it goes down 30 per cent in a month, we’d have to feel 30
per cent dumber’.” This was the message from the CEO of one of the more
successful Internet companies to his employees in 2000. In those days, this
company also made investments in web properties such as living.com and
pets.com. These only led to losses; the company was forced to lay off 1,300
workers when the dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Who is the CEO and which

Q2.Originally launched in 1993 as as IRC bot, this website’s extraordinary
growth in the 1990s made it an attractive site. Satyam took a 25% stake in
the company. It receives over 7 million hits daily on average and records in
excess of 250 million pageviews per month. Which Website?

Q3.Set in December of 2633 AD, the game starts with the player taking
control of an armed commando named Bill Rizer, or his partner Lance Bean,
as they are sent to infiltrate the island headquarters of an alien army calling
themselves Red Falcon and thwart their plot to invade the Earth. Much
of the game’s popularity came from its two-player simultaneous gameplay,
which was an uncommon feature in video games at the time of its release.
Which game?

Q4. Citizen, formerly known as “Vigilante” is a Snapchat / Instagram stories
clone, where users can login and watch videos shared by people, in a snapchat
stories like format. The difference being that this is for a different, more
specific purpose. People sharing the video can also add more information in
the form of a subtitle. Location sharing is compulsory. Just explain what are
the videos being shared about.

Q5. X has said to have used a software program internally codenamed “Hell”,
for tracking its rival Y. X used it to figure out if someone was working both
for X and Y, and what he/she was being paid when working for Y. A similar
situation had surfaced in 2016, when X’s “God View” program had been exposed.
Identify X and Y.