Pixel Quiz January 2019

Q1. Designed by Travis Kochel, X uses the OpenType font features to create a useful utility out of a type-face. For example: Typing 50 using the X font ren- ders it into a semi circle. The reason behind creating X was to make it easier to edit a particular visualelement in graphic design software. The existingmethods would often require recreating the element every time you wanted to make an edit, and thus X was born. X uses Open Type’s Stylistic alternativesto provide different visual styles such as bubbles and floating rings. A photo of X in the Bubbles stylisticalternate is shown. What is the X font used to generate?

Q2. “They told him they’d have to cut his pocket money if he keeps doing it, so he got really angry and chucked his X out of the window.” Is a quote about Y, from a popular book. The interesting bit is, the incident quoted took place in the summer of 1994 and the X wasn’t released until December 1994, and therefore Y couldn’t have had a X in 1994. A certain Wiki suggests that X could’ve been a prototype that was pre-ordered directly from the manufacturers & knowing Y’s behaviour, that doesn’t sound like a far fetched idea, especially given the job Y’s dad had at a drill manufacturing facility. Who is Y, and What is X?

Q3. Made by a Chinese company called 90Fun, thePuppy 1 is a smart suitcase that follows you around, so you don’t have to drag it. To add a “gravity adap- tive system”, something crucial to it moving all by itself, 90Fun collaborated with X, which uses this technology in its infamous product line. In 2018, Xbecame famous for creating their “SE 3” product, which grew in popularity after a certain category of services saw a meteoric in major US cities. The SE3 major competitor in thismarket is Xiaomi. Look at the image and identify X, and what is X’s SE3 product?

Q4. Biohax Technologies is a Sweden based technology com- pany that specialises in a certain type of gadget X. X is a rage amongst the Swedes, designed to make life easier for its users, X makes it convenient to unlock smart home locks, stores eTick- ets for rail travel, and also contains a user’s emergency contactinformation. Put funda and explain what is X, and how’s it inte- grated into people’s lives.

Q5. This a screenshot from the original manual of a popular game. It’s the story behind the game (popularly, it’s assumed that the game didn’t have any). Identify the game.