Pixel Quiz: July 2015

Vidit Bhargava
Q1. Y works out what’s in an image by analysing layers until they finally decide on what it shows. The first images from Y’s project X, shown in June, reveal a horrific display of monsters and tentacles and a capability to insert random noise on a black screen. This isn’t a product by Y, but a published GitHub repository. What is X? and What is Y?

Q2. Y on his DeviantArt profile page, he notes that he “created X in 2004 because I can’t help but draw stupid looking char- acters to spew out my stupid ideas.”. The first X were published at a website called“Sticksuicide[dot]com”. What is X?


Q3. X is Nintendo’s First Game Designer. X designed EVR Race, Nintendo’s First Video Game. X also helped build the technology that developed the ‘save’ option in Legend of Zelda, a first in console games. X and Shigero Minamoto are currently handling the reins at Nintendo. Who is X?

Q4. X, directed by Sanjay Patel is an up- coming short about an Indian boy, who dreams up a “Hindu version of Avengers, with Gods as Superheroes”. Name X and studio behind it.

Q5. Created by Bjorn Jeffery, X is a kids app making startup that started in Sweden. It is often called the “Lego of Kids’ Mobile Apps”. X’s apps and games don’t have a story line, to make the games ‘fun’ for kids, instead of teaching them things that parents would like them to learn. To keep the games universal for Boys and Girls, X uses monsters instead of humans for it’s game characters. X calls itself the maker of digital toys. What is X?

Q6. X was founded in 2009, by two St.Louis based engineers. X gets it’s name from the ‘idiom’ for settling debts (which also happens to be the name of their website). They were initially called “Squirrel Systems”. Capital, Feedback, Market, are just some of the names of their ‘products’. What is X?


Q7. First Founded in 2009, X was lead by Y from 2013 to 2015. One of the most successful X session was that of Peter Dinklage (of Game Of Thrones fame), back in 2014. Dinklage had this to say about X : “This feels like being interviewed by a hundred thousand news anchors at once! But much friendlier anchors…who seem to know their material…I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and questions.”. Both X and Y were in news this month. What is X and Who is Y (Image on Left)?

Q8. If the tail of the “X-Y position indica- tor for a display system” was the reason for the nickname Mouse. What nickname did the cursor on screen get?


Q9. This is Carl Malamud, an American technologist, author, and public domain advocate. Malamud is credited with the invention of X. Malamud began a talk show back in 1993, the first X, where he would interview a computer expert every week. More recently, you might have about X in in a fiction series, where one of the characters is credited with the inven- tion of X. What is Malamud famous for?

Q10. A development event was held in June some years ago by the developers of an open source operating system in Canada. The eventsaw a few developers working on cryptographic software. This event is widely considered the worlds first _______. Fill in the blank.