Pixel Quiz July 2017

Vidit Bhargava

Q1. X is the official alias for Lockhead Martin’s Advanced Development
Programs group. The name X originated back in the World War II days,
when Lockhead Martin was  first given a contract to build  fighter jets. X is
widely used to describe a group within an organization given a high degree
of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, with the task of working on
advanced or secret projects.

In the world of technology, we’ve often seen this technique (X) being
used.Most notably, when Steve Jobs established a 50 people lab to develop
the  first Macintosh. Or more recently the Google X Labs. Simply name X, the
name for which comes from a comic strip called “Li’l Abner”.

Q3. The name X derives from the from a greek Titan Y, a minimalist graphic of
whom also serves as its logo. The logo is a rendition of how we’ve forever
seen Y, being punished to hold up the heavens. X’s flagship product was released in 2004, called Jira. Jira, derives its name from the Gojira, the Japanese name for Gozilla, which itself is a reference to Jira’s primary competitor
at the time Bugzilla. With Jira, the titan that we saw in X’s logo, was made to
juggle different circular elements instead (since it’s a project management
tool). Simply identify X.

Q3. Examples stated by the creators of Granthika include :
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, before Harry and Hermione
go back in time, readers learn that Buckbeak is tied to a tree; however when
they go back in time, they see something else; In Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sher-
lock Holmes series, Watson’s war wound migrates from his shoulder to his

Granthika is a publishing tool, created by Vikram Chandra of the Sacred
Games fame. What problem Granthika aim to solve?

Q4. X was founded in 1994 when Paul Mercer, a software developer at Apple,
left to form his own company. Known for it’s simple navigational structure,
X was able to scale from greyscale displays to touch-screens, and existed in
the market for close to 16 years. X was one of the popular operating systems
in the early 2000s and yet few people ever knew the name. What is X and
Which famous product was the OS used for?

Q5. Nerdalize is a cloud computing platform that offers cloud servers for
households. You can buy and install an off the shelf server like you’d buy
other home appliances. However, there’s a bigger picture to installing the
server at your house. The company wants to harness the byproducts from
the server for another use as well. What dual purpose do these servers solve?

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