Pixel Quiz | June 2014

Vidit Bhargava

Q1. The font is popular for appearing at a lot of places. Its in the logo for Rolls Royce, Gmail used it once in its logo , the name iPhone on the back of the iPhone is printed in this font & one of its variants is also the official font of Tata Group of industries. Name the font.

Q2. Among the various works of UK based firm are the first class cabin for the British Airways, and a feature phone designed for Huawei. One of its co-founders is closely associated with the world of technology. Name the firm.

Q3. This company founded in 1992 received funding from DARPA & is famously known for making something known as the “BigDog” for the US Military. Which famous AI firm am I talking about?

Q4. Which famous hardware did Robert Dennard Invent at IBM?

Q5. Name the Germany based company known for making the Goal Line Technology which was licensed by FIFA for this year’s world cup?

Q6. Unlimited Limited and Unincorporated Inc were proposed names for which company initially? “

Q7. Chaitanya Kanojia is the founder and CEO of which famous, troubled startup?

Q8. Name the Q&A social network recently started by twitter co-founder Biz Stone?

Q9. Oscar Barnack is known as the father of 35mm Photography but he’s also the founder of X a German Optics Company. What is X?

Q10. Now acquired by Compaq, zip2 is a web software company providing business directories and maps to media companies. It was co-founded by two brothers. Name both of them.