Pixel Quiz June 2017

Vidit Bhargava

Q1. According to it’s creator Y, X was inspired from his own adventures
around the hillsides of a village called “Sonobe”. In an interview Y explained,
“When I was a child, I went hiking and found a lake. It was quite a surprise
for me to stumble upon it. When I traveled around the country without a
map, trying to  nd my way, stumbling on amazing things as I went, I real-
ized how it felt to go on an adventure like this.”

There was this one time when Y on one these Sonobe trips, discovered a cave
entrance. Y explored the inside of the cave through a lantern. All of these,
eventually make it to the gameplay of a very popular game X. Identify X and

Q2. Ben Curtis, an actor, got really popular in the early 2000s, for playing
the role of Slacker Steve, or popularly known as X, in a series of highly suc-
cessful commercials. The commercials would usually feature Steve informing
prospective buyers of all the perks of owning a Y, and when they were sold
on the idea, Steve would close with the catch phrase, “Dude, You are getting
a Y”. ID X.

Q3. A popular surveillance device by the Harris Corporation, X is named
after a species of marine animals. An X basically, gathers information from
phones by sending out a signal that tricks them into connecting to it. The
naming of the device to X works in two ways,  rst it’s a word play on the
nature of signals transmitted to the cell-phone. Secondly, you could associ-
ate the sending of signal to that of a “whip-like action”, akin to an X’s attack.


Q4. These are switches of a particular kind, made by a german brand called
Cherry. Generally available in 4 di erent varieties, Blue, Black, Red and
Brown. While Red and Black o er a linear action. They aren’t loud. On the
other hand, Cherry Browns are more “Tactile. For which products are the
switches classi ed in this manner?

Q5. The name AIRA comes from a combination of AI and the “Eye of Ra” an
Egyptian mythological symbol, that symbolises, “protection, and the power
to perceive and interpret both the seen and unseen in the universe.”. AIRA
is the name of an organisation that uses technological platforms, to achieve
something. So, recently, AIRA came out with a Google Glass app (and an app
on other AR Platforms) that would allow the users to share real-time,  rst
person video. The app is way for people to use AIRA’s product. Simply ex-
plain what does AIRA do.