Pixel Quiz: May 2016

Q1. The idea of the name X, came to Robert Kalin while he was transcribing an episode of Fellini’s 8 ½ (to decide on a name for his startup), which is when he came across X. According to him, “In italian, you say, ‘X’ a lot. It means, “Oh Yes!”, and in latin and french it means, “What if.” ”. What is X?

Q2.A merger of two of its kind, XY was founded in 2015, when two companies, backed by Tencent and Alibaba, respectively, merged. XY was initially called, X Kauidi. Kuaidi means “quickly”, while Y means “Com- mute”. The change of name was partly be- cause XY had expanded into broader ser- vices. What is XY?

Q3. An Cui, a PHD student at Columbia Uni- versity, coined the term X for a hack he and his team built to turn any internet of things device into a bug. X is used to describe the potential capability of malware using the o -hook switch in a VoIP phone as an an- tenna to transmit data over Radio Frequency. At the demo, Cui made the the Laser Printer sing for a reporter, to demonstrate the trans- mission capabilities, a result of the hack. What is X?

Q4. In a recent post by it’s creators, they shared some stats about the game X. Ac- cording to them, X was played by 1 Fictional US President; Featured in 13 Museums, Gal- leries and Art Festivals; $23,931 in Digital Soundtrack Sales and In nite Times, they’ve been asked for more ‘levels’. The game is an example of indie-dev success. According to the creators, somehow X has become a unit of measurement of success. Where people would say, “if we can only make 10% of a X we can break even.”What is X?

Q5. X by Google’s Picasa was a free computer program that enabled users to send images across the Internet and publish them to their blogs. It was similar to an instant messaging program because it allowed users to send text, but X focused on digital photographs. Recently google introduced another similar service Y. Y is is a french corruption of the word X. What is X and Y?

Q6. #trivia: How do we better know The Device called Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage?

Bonus Q: Back in late 1990s, there weren’t many options to get Indian music cassettes online, outside India. So, Around that time the website X made several partnerships with Indian record labels to sell the cassettes online. Those internationally sold cassettes also had X’s logo on them.

Years later X would merge with an upcoming Indian eCommerce company to be one of the first eCommerce providers in India.

So, now when in 2016 One of the prominent record labels of the 90s, made their content available for streaming services Apple Music, they didn’t have ‘album artworks’ for all the albums, to send to them. So they sent the ‘cassette artwork’ as it is. And the now defunct X’s logo showed up again, in the digital copies of some 90s albums. Name X.