Pixel Quiz October 2014

Q1. X was originally the design of Jon Gar- ber, who wanted to call it the ‘Mac-camera’, but was vetoed by Connectix’s marketing department which saw the possibility of it one day becoming a cross-platform product. We’re talking about the world’s first _____.

Q2. The X name was chosen because of the founders’ fondness for the hit television series The X-Files, hence the theme to their products, with names such as Area-51, Hang- ar18 and Aurora.What is X?

Q3. X was founded in 1994 when Paul Mercer, a software developer at Apple, left to form his own company. What is X and Which famous Apple product did it make the Operating Systems for (Hint: The last update to the OS came some time around 2009) ?

Q4. Potrayed by Wayne Pere in the Pirates of the Silicon Valley, X was in news recently for his health issues, after his friends successfully managed to crowd-fund his treatment. X is a legendary Hacker. Who is X? 

Q5. The company was founded by former music industry executive Jim Levy, Richard Muchmore. Which gaming company?

Q6. Who is the credited with the creation of the first mousepad?

Q7. Like its name, this font is lively eccentric but friendly, mischievous and fun. Irregularly shaped letters and uneven baseline make it forgiving on a 300 dpi printer. Official Description for which font?

Q8. On 3 December 1992, Neil Papworth wished Richard Jarvis “Merry Christmas”. What’s so special about this?

Q9. For which famous Internet invention is Jarkko Oikarinen famous?

Q10. This educational startup was founded by Luis von Ahn, Vicky Cheung, Brenden Meeder & Severin Hacker back in 2011. Which famous educational Startup are we talking about?