Pixel Quiz: October 2015


Vidit Bhargava
Q1. X was reportedly first carried out by a Malaysian IT consultant who used his phone to advertise Sony Ericsson. He also invented the name, which he claims is an amalgam of _____ and ajack, his username on Esato, a Sony Ericsson fan online forum. however is an extremely common shortening of the word hijack, the act of taking over something. Mostly a harmless practice. What is X?

Q2. W: A bug that seems to alter its behaviour when one attempts to study it.
X:  bug which manifests reliably under a well-defined, but possibly unknown, set of conditions. Y: A software bug whose behaviour appears to be chaotic.
Z: A software bug which manifests only when somebody debugging it finds out that it shouldn’t work at all. What is W, X, Y, Z.

Q3. Recently an Electrical Engineer by the name of Allen Pan, decided to make something popular seen in the comic book space. Inside X, he packed a transformer electromagnet, which uses electricity to produce a magnetic field. This creates a very strong magnetic pull, strong enough to replicate the results the characterstics of X from Comic Books. What did Pan Create?

Q4. In an attempt at a slightly different kind of Social Network, Y introduced X. Which is more or less a direct rip of Danny Trinh’s Free, an app that lets you see who’s free to hangout then strike up a conversion. The interface is pretty simple, It’s a slider that you must pull to let friends know that you are “down” to meetup. What is X?

Q5. All the 403 Episodes of Bob Ross’ popular TV Show X came back in a rather uncanny way recently. They were available to be binge-watched at a popular service Y, as a kind of a promotion to Y’s foray into different categories. The response to X on Y however, was filled with vile. What are X and Y?

Q6. Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilsons’ startup X (formerly Orbotix) is famous for it’s eponymous robot, the only product they created for a long time.  However, in 2014  Disney made an investment in X, and licenced the production of Y to them which they felt would be easy for X to pull of because of its geometrical similarities to X. What are X and Y?

Q7. It was coined on June 12, 1995 in an e-mail sent by a 52-year old Massachusetts programmer named David Eddy. He later said, “People were calling it CDC and Faddle. There were other contenders. It just came off my fingertips.” What was he referring to?

Q8. On the possibility of a thinking machine in 1943, this computer pioneer said : “No, I’m not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I’m after is just a mediocre brain, something like the president of American Telephone and Telegraph Company.” Who’s words were these?

Q9. Sir Tim Berners -Lee is an iconic figure in this modern world. He admitted that a decision he had made just as a whim, many years ago, is something that he would like to change one thing about the Internet because it created huge environmentally loses(technically speaking) because of this whim that he just added inadvertently. What did he want to get rid off if he could?

Q10. X is a short story about a welding machine, directed by Angus MacLane that was released back in 2008. Here, X, a welding machine which has a Plasma Arc Welding Setup for Hands, is assigned with an operation to fix a lamp post. However, X is constantly distracted Y (much more popular than X) and ends up cutting the lamp post instead of joining it, and when X does accomplish his task, He’s trapped outside, for which he uses PAW’s cutting properties to help himself.
Who is X?