State of Apple Maps in India

Vidit Bhargava

While the Apple Maps listings remain scarce over the country, there have been several improvements to the platform which seem to be in a much more constructive directions.

For starters, Apple has set up an Apple Maps Development office in Hyderabad. This is something that’ll help accelerate the mapping process. I’m hoping one of their priorities would be to integrate Transit information with Maps, most of the stations are already listed (at least in Delhi). 

I’m also hoping that they’ll be working closely with “Zomato” to improve their points of interest listings for restaurants. They are far from complete at the moment.

But what’s more important than all of this is, the fact that the frequency of the Apple Maps team addressing issues that are reported through the app has increased considerably over the last few months. I reported a location issue near my home a couple of days ago, and it was fixed today morning and this has been the case with the last 3 -4 issues that I’ve reported.

Here’s hoping we get navigation, turn-by-turn directions and transit information soon enough.