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The New Samsung Ad:

I was actually thinking of writing a long post on Samsung’s new flagship phone but then I realized I’ve already written a lot about the Galaxy S6, some months back, in a post titled “Thoughts on the iPhone 6” 😉

Is this new video a parody? Chutzpah? A Puerile Joke? Plagiarism? Take your pick.

On a more serious note, Samsung’s S6 appears to be a pretty decent phone (from all the reviews I’ve heard). It’s probably the best that Samsung’s ever made.

I’m interested about the glass at the back of the S6, is it hard but brittle or unbreakable but a scratch magnet? Is it any improvement over the Nexus 4’s back?

Will the Galaxy S6 help Samsung gain its chief Android Device maker crown back? It’s uncertain at this point. For now though, Samsung’s earned the title of “Chief Laughing Stock”