Pixel Quiz October 2016

Vidit Bhargava

Q1. In May 2016, Dag Klittlaus at TechCrunch disrupt showed an advanced AI platform
called X which would be able to write it’s own code to accomplish new tasks, allowing “it
to understand the intent of the user and to create programs to handle tasks on the  y,
even if it’s never heard that particular one in the past.” A few weeks ago, this younger
brother to “Y” was sold to Samsung. What is X?

Q2. X was founded by Masashi Miyamoto in 1983. Their initial success was spawned by the success of their game Final Fantasy. Y on the other hand was founded in 1975 as
Eidansha Boshu Service Center Yasuhiro Fukushima, Their most pro table franchise
was the “Dragon Quest”, at some point in the early 2000s the X and Y merged and came
to be known as XY. Moreover, They even bought Eidos in 2009. Giving them rights to
their games like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex,and Legacy of Kain series. Name the gaming
company XY, which is making a lot of Buzz by creating mobile versions of popular Eidos

Q3. X is an American online media company and blog network, founded and owned by
Nick Denton based in New York City. It is considered to be one of the most visible and
successful blog-oriented media companies. As of March 2010, it is the parent company
for 11 different weblogs: X.com, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Fleshbot, Deadspin, io9, Kotaku,
Jalopnik, Jezebel , City le , X.tv . Identify X which has been embroilled in controversies
over the last few years.

Q4. Atari’s Adventure, released in 1979 led to the coining of a very famous term in the
world of gaming. It is now used in a more general sense in manyother kinds of works
such as movies, books, paintings etc. that contain hidden messages. Which term?

Q5. Back in 2013, X began life on the stage of the WWDC where it showed it’s product
called “Drive”. While the product generated a lot of buzz it was ultimately ridden of as
an expensive ‘toy’. Now in 2016, X is ready with another toy called “Y” which is a Wall-E
styled bot which they created with the help of former Pixar Designers to give it a per-
sonality trait akin to a pet. The bot can be trained to recognise you and understand your
expressions and react accordingly. It’ll throw tantrums when it looses and hop around
merrily when it wins in a game. It can also mimmick your emotions to grab your atten-
tion. What is the bot called (Y), and name the startup X?